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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Death, I fear you !
Truely, I do.

Thick swabs of cotton.
Covering crimson wounds.
Yellow Saline bottle,
dripping slowly:
Drop, by drop.

As I go breathless,
Under the Oxygen mask.
My lungs reject,
The forcibly infused.

Death, My body is aching.
It is all sickening.
 I cannot digest;
I cannot breath.
I cannot walk,
I soiled my bed,
As I think of You.

I know,
You're my friend;
My only True friend.
I dread, embracing You.
Death, I fear You !

                  Dated: 14 May, 2013


Atheist, Sinner;
Faithless, Kafir."

As I bow in pray:
To slay,
Swords are drawn.
                       Dated: 7 May, 2013

Saturday, October 6, 2012

To Pune

I can visualize
How my life will change:
A few days later;
When I leave your lovely aura
And enter into realms of
An unknown city..

I will remember
With longing,
Every nook n corner;
Every street,
Every late night movie
Every coffee
And the highway
And the long drives..

You took me in,
When I was so naive:
Made me survive
The heartaches, failures, sadness
Depressions and
Nostalgic mood swings..

You took my adolescence;
And have made a man..
A man,
That will remember you,

                         dated: 08 may,2012


You kept quiet,
You didn't say a thing.
You were mum:
Tears were ready
To roll down your cheeks.
But your teeth showed
Through a plastic smile.
Oh, your pink lips,
how deceiving!
Humoured everyone around.

Sadness, finally found you;
As you returned home,
Alone within your closet:
After a toiling day
After a social life:
Where you are known
By the name "jubilant"...

                       dated : 19 june, 2012